You want some entropy with that?

In the light of certain developments in the world and the temperatures in autumn getting colder again I have decided to put on a thicker tin-foil hat.

As can be read in the previous post, I’ve recently acquired two STM8S Discovery boards and abused one of them to play with gnuk, an open implementation of the OpenPGP card version 2.0 specification.

Today I put neug on the other one, a random number generator.

Building and installing is pretty similar to gnuk so I won’t talk about that.

I’ve played with the RNG test tools rngtest from rng-tools and dieharder a bit. There are scripts and results in the neug source tree if you want to follow along.

I cobbled together a udev rule to get a /dev/neug device and set the line discipline on the device.

I’ve not used any USB IDs here because they might vary (you have to set them with configure) , but I guess the product attribute is pretty unique.

2 Replies to “You want some entropy with that?”

  1. Kudos for actually running the test suites!

    So how can I use that thing to improve the entropy pool of the Linux kernel which runs on my openWrt router?

    1. Thanks! Then again, I found out that running the test suites and properly interpreting the output are different things :)

      As for pimping OpenWRT with some extra entropy: the rng-tools seem to be available on openwrt (
      So theoretically One could just hook it up to a usb port, and alter the init script to set it up before launching rngd.
      I’m lacking an OpenWRT router with USB port to test.

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