Turns out there are a lot of make variants out there.

A couple of days ago the question came up if there is a ?make variant for every letter in the alphabet.


(Disclaimer: Not all of these are actual make variants [or, like, not obsolete and old], but they seem to deal with building software[ish] stuff)


My Link Graveyard

Sometimes I just need to “stash that link to read it later“.

It happens at work, at home while sitting at my desk , on my phone, while surfing on the tablet. The solutions to these kinds of problems? Well the CLOUD of course!

Ah, and I want an open-source solution I can self-host although I don’t want to do the work.

So thank you kind people of the world: http://www.inthepoche.com/

I stumbled upon this because the android app made it into F-Droid recently.

But asmw! you say. It’s PHP and PHP is vile and evil. Have you at least read all the source and made sure it’s safe?

Bah! I respond to this. It’s there when you need it and a link stash is not valuable enough [for asmw, at least] to worry too much. Just put it somewhere, where it [probably] can’t hurt anything else when things break.

Thus I installed it and added this to my ~/.pentadactylrc:

So I can :pc pages to my poche. I also installed the Android Poche app on my phone and tablet.

Problem solved (for now).