Android binary blobs and hadidi

While fiddling with cyanogenmod builds I was curious if the binaries in the TheMuppets repo for LGE binaries correspond to the current offerings of google.

The official binaries come in three self extracting tarball/shell files for the three companies providing the drivers and I wanted to quickly check against a checkout of the TheMuppets binaries.

As I had no tool handy to do the job and my python os getting rusty anyway I cobbled together what I wanted and pushed it to github:

All of the files not in the official binaries seem to have to do with Widevine DRM.

P.S. hadidi has some extra options like selecting the hash algorithm, printing hashes or being quiet and communicating through the exit code.

P.P.S. Binary Blobs Suck

Stable/Testing Debian and Mozilla Products

I depend on a current Firefox version for… well basically living.

Debian ‘testing’ ships with an iceweasel version 17 (== Firefox 17) which is old.
I mean ‘hieroglyphs in ancient egypt depicted Horus using Firefox 17’ old (in web terms).

The usual nerd-knee-jerk reaction is to just bump verything to unstable and be done with it.
(I know, you could also just pick ice[weasel|dove] from there but… meh)

But… sometimes it doesn’t seem the wisesest to do so and, looking for alternatives, I stumbled upon:

A repository with Mozilla software under the debian umbrella with current(-ish) versions even for oldstable.

Day saved. asmw happy.