.import “wat.js” as WAT? or (THANK YOU, javascript)

So I’ve been playing with a Qt/QML application a little and wanted to import one js library in another.

So I wrote this:


which was replied by:


That’s all. I thought this couldn’t be difficult to fix but fuck this shit.

It took me long enough that I want to blog about it now.

At least I have the qtdeclarative code to see what it actually does.

The solution?


grumble This kind of shit happens when you make other shit optional and tack on some non-standard shit and… gah

But now there’s a blogpost on the internet with a solution :)

Multi-user Android on your phone

Ever since I had multiple users on my Nexus 7 I wanted a guest user on my phone. To try software I don’t really trust and to hand to others to go on the internet etc.

I recently found this: How to enable multiple user mode on CyanogenMod 10.1

Of course I had to try it and lo-and behold. A guest user on my phone. I’ve had issues accepting a phone call the other day so YMMV on how useful this is, but all in all I like the idea :)

Put your money where your mouth is…

… they say and so I did.

I’ve been looking for a way to use my own calendar/contacts back-end for Android (and even before that) for some time now.

I’ve tried lots of stuff:

  • Running my own syncml server and using multisync/opensync, back in the day on Symbian and the N900
  • Running various FOSS groupwares with Activesync support (Horde, SOGo)
  • Using Activesync gateways: sogosync, z-push and some derivatives with card-/caldav backends
  • Running standalone DAV servers with aCal

Nothing really worked for me.

Now I gave the DAVdroid project some of my money because they are doing a wonderful thing. Works with my owncloud, no duplicates so far :)